Dukesmeadows wild flower meadow blooms

Dukesmeadows forms an extensive urban wild flower meadow close to the River Nore and within walking distance of  Kilkenny City Centre. It is a haven for wildlife, insects and plants. it forms an attractive amenity for the residents of the area.

Dukesmeadows 7 Copyright: Keep Kilkenny Beautiful

Butterflies are attracted to Lintown

Attractive flower beds  and planting reflect the environmental improvement works being undertaken in Lintown.

Colourful flowers and butterfly at Lintown. Copyright: Keep Kilkenny Beautiful.

Lakeside springs to life!

Kilkenny is fortunate to have a number of very attractive lake and marsh habitats within the City. Lakeside is currently springing to life. to assist the wild fowl a floating nesting area has been put in place and also a small  island had been planted.  Currently there are a pair of swans nesting, they and the other wild foul are working hard  to prepare their nests.

Earth Hour Kilkenny

"Earth Hour" Dukesmeadow Kilkenny. Copyright: Keep Kilkenny Beautiful

The WWF Earth Hour was celebrated  in the Kilkenny communities of Melville Heights and Dukesmeadows on Saturday  the 26th March at 8.30 p.m. A large crowd of residents and visitors turned out to launch sky lanterns  into the night sky. The evening was still and cloudless.  The neighbouring houses has their lights turned off. The launched lanterns formed a constellation of star like globes rising into the still evening. The event was organised by Kilkenny Local Authorities Environmental section  in conjunction with Keep Kilkenny Beautiful and promoting a sustainable future in harmony with nature  for all in our City.


Celebrating earth hour in Kilkenny! Copyright: Keep Kilkenny Beautiful

Lanterns are launched. Copyright: Keep Kilkenny Beautiful

Lanterns in the night sky. Copyright: Keep Kilkenny Beautiful


KKB distributes trees to Kilkenny

During March the KKB distributed a large number trees through out the city for planting by community groups, residents associations and other groups.  The  KKB wish to thank O’Loughlin Gaels GAA club for facilitating the distribution of trees from  their car park on the 12th March 2011. There was a range of tree types including Birch, wild cherry and mountain ash. The planting of these trees will add to the city amenity and will also  provide food and cover for wild life.

Trees being assembled for distribution by the KKB 12th March 2011. Copyright: Keep kilkenny Beautiful.

Newly planted tree at Dukesmeadows following the tree distribution by the KKB. copyright: Keep Kilkenny Beautiful


Summer colour, Orchids bloom in Kilkenny

Rare orchids are to be found in Kilkenny. The area is protected from grass cutting in the summer months when the very attractive orchids bloom. The local Melville Residents association keeps the area to a high standard.

Attractively planted bank at Melville. Copyright: Keep Kilkenny Beautiful.

Orchids and other wild flowers bloom in Kilkenny. Copyright: Keep Kilkenny Beautiful.

Orchids in Kilkenny. Copyright: Keep Kilkenny Beautiful.

Orchids in Kilkenny. Copyright: Keep Kilkenny Beautiful.

August cleanup in conjunction with the McGrath centre

Sean Leahy,  Keep Kilkenny Beautiful Committee Chairman, thanks the many volunteers who helped to clean up litter black spots and improve unsightly parts of the city over the summer.

This last week a major clean up was organised in the Butt’s area in conjunction with the Fr. McGrath centre involving the children of the area. this work continues as part of the KKB campaign to involve children and families in the upkeep and cleaning of their own areas and communities in conjunction also with the Bainisteoir Bruscair  competitions earlier in the year. This grass roots approach has been to the benefit of the community at large while  instilling pride  and a sense of ownership by those who have partaken this year.  The recent clean up included many  children and residents from the Butt’s area cleaning  around  the Waterbarrack and the Bregeagh River Public Park areas which are adjacent to one of the city’s busiest traffic roundabouts.

The Butt's roundabout and St Canice's Church Summer 2010. Copyright: Keep Kilkenny Beautiful

St Canice's Church and colourful planting at the Butt's 2010. Copyright: Keep Kilkenny Beautiful