KKB supports Kilkenny Grow it Yourself (GIY)

GIY Together We Grow - Kilkenny (JPEG)Do you want to save money, take more control of what exactly you are eating, get more fresh air and spend time with people willing you help you achieve this? Then take a look below at the ever growing group of people growing more of their own food.

Kilkenny GIY – Grow It Yourself

Monthly Meetings:  first Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm,

Downstairs in the Pembroke Hotel, Patrick Street, Kilkenny.

FREE Admission

Talks and presentations from expert speakers, followed by question and answer sessions,
group discussions on topics of seasonal interest, sharing  knowledge and experience.

All are welcome; newcomers, absolute beginners and experts alike, and the meetings are FREE.

Other activities during the year include garden and farm visits, meitheals, annual seedling swap and Savour festival demo.

Mailing List:
To join the Kilkenny GIY mailing list and receive meeting notifications, send an e-mail to KilkennyGIY@gmail.com

Details of  meetings are also posted on the Kilkenny GIY Group Page at http://www.GIYireland.com/giy_groups/group/61/

Well done to St. Johns Junior School

Great Work in St. Johns Junior School. KKB arrived with a group of volunteers to assist with the  tree planting on Saturday morning. However the school under the guidance of the caretaker Peter Novak had already successfully planted all but one. Some older trees still need to be removed and KKB has offered to return  and assist  with future tree  planting once  these have been taken out to help . Brilliant work St. Johns!johntree2 johntree

Help put down more Kilkenny roots……..

Time to put down some extra roots for us and future generations………..how?  By taking part in the “One million trees in one day “project.  Planting is to take place  in Dukes Meadows and Bishop Meadows.  This project has been postponed nationally until the 27th April, we will provide updates on where to meet and times closer to the event.   All are welcome, one day of work, years of reward!!!
Contact us at mail@keepkilkennybeautiful.com  or  check out http://www.onemilliontreesinoneday.com/index.htmlonemillontrees

St Maul’s Graveyard restoration & Biodiversity Project

February saw the completion of the first phase of the restoration and biodiversity project taking place at St Maul’s Graveyard.  It overlooks the river Nore  and has many historic graves.  The work of initial cutting and cleaning has been completed. Further work will follow to include improving  access. There is an extensive area of trees with good cover for wild life.

Launch at St Maul's Copyright: Keep Kilkenny Beautiful

Launch at St Maul’s Copyright: Keep Kilkenny Beautiful

St Maul's 2

Help Showcase our Beautiful City………….Kilkenny

Calling all Kilkenny Secondary school students. We are trying for another All-Ireland, (because we all know you can never have too many!). This time its the Tidy Towns all-Ireland.  Why not get involved by sending us a photo showcasing the bio-diversity of our city and have the chance to get yourself a 75 euro, 50 euro or 25euro All for one Voucher.


Bud goes fly and walkabout

Bud back in the Castle Park pond. Copyright: Keep Kilkenny Beautiful

Bud, a long term resident Swan  of the Castle pond  decided to  fly out of the park  and then go walk about in the last few days. A phone call from a local resident had reported a sighting of Bud in her garden. Mr Pat Durkin of Bird watch Ireland was joined  by members of the KKB to find Bud.  A search followed which found nothing but feathers. Later in the day Bud turned up in Dukesmeadows. Bud walked back with a large crowd from Dukesmeadows under the watchful direction of Pat Durkin.

Butterflies in Kilkenny

The red admiral butterfly is very particular  about the flower it visits! A sunny afternoon in early September on Circular road there are some very popular flowers that get more than their fair share of butterfly attention.

Butterflies enjoying the sun on Circular rd. Copyright: Keep Kilkenny Beautiful

Butterfly at Circular rd. Copyright: Keep Kilkenny Beautiful

Butterfly at Circular rd. Copyright: Keep Kilkenny Beautiful

Butterflies in Circular rd. Copyright: Keep Kilkenny Beautiful