Sub aqua Club go to all depths to Keep Kilkenny Beautiful

Kilkenny  Sub aqua Club  have taken our spring clean campaign  one step further ! ….. with under water cleaning.  Items washed down the river Nore  in times of river floods get caught at the bottom of the river and can be a danger to swimmers, boating  and to wildlife. Unfortunately there are also  items such as bicycles, bottles, traffic cones and  shopping trolleys  found.  The divers locate the  items to be removed which are then marked with buoys.  They are  then raised to boats and   brought for authorised disposal.

Diving equipment at  Canal square during the cleaning operation.

Diving equipment at Canal square during the cleaning operation.

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Spring cleaning is under way in Kilkenny

Regular Cleanups have continued through out the winter. Why not join in with our next clean up now that the weather is  improving. We look forward to hearing from you!   Email us at  or telephone us, see our contacts page. You can also  like us on Facebook!

clean up circular road -Above: Clean up recently undertaken in Circular road area.


“Stop Food Waste Challenge” volunteers wanted!

Why not  take part in  the Kilkenny “Stop Food Waste Challenge”.  The aim is  to reduce your food waste, save money, have some fun and enjoy tasty meals on the way!

If you are interested in being part of the challenge, ring Bernadette Moloney, Environmental Awareness Officer on 056-7794487 or email your contact details to  or before the 18th of September 2014.

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Kilkenny railway station gets “A” grade in latest Ibal survey.

Congratulations to Irish Rail for the high standard of our City Railway Station. The assessors noted the following in their recent  report:

Kilkenny Train Station – Exterior:  Grade A.  This was an excellent site – not only was there a complete absence of litter but the overall presentation was very fresh e.g. railings, steps, entrance, signage and visitor information, and planter boxes.

Kilkenny Train Station – Interior:  Grade A.  The interior of the station had some interesting historical notices and photographs, almost museum / gallery like – a lovely feature.  Bins, seating, planting, signage and flooring were all in excellent condition – a real credit to the station staff.

Wembers of KKB celebrate with  Kilkenny railway station Staff.  Kilkenny is Ibal  No.1 in Ireland.

Members of KKB celebrate with Kilkenny railway station Staff. Kilkenny  Ibal No.1 in Ireland.

Kilkenny City comes No.1 in latest Ibal survey

Kilkenny has achieved  a No.1  result again in the latest Ibal survey .

This result  reflects the hard work put in by the City Authorities and  all our Voluntary groups over the last number of months. The assessors noted;

“Kilkenny has cemented its position as Ireland’s cleanest city –   all sites surveyed got the top litter grade. What sets Kilkenny and other continuously high ranking towns apart is not just the lack of litter but the efforts put into the presentation of the environment e.g. High Street had beautiful new paving and a couple of years ago the approach to Kilkenny Castle was redesigned. The surveyor noted that Kilkenny Train Station (Interior) was almost museum like with historical photographs / notices – a lovely feature.”

Kilkenny courthouse on Parliament street

Kilkenny courthouse on Parliament street



Kilkenny City wins IBAL National Award for 2013

Kilkenny is recipient  the overall National IBAL award for a second time.  Kilkenny achieved  top marks in the latest IBAL survey released on the 6th January 2014.

The City received Grade A for all of the judged areas. The KKB congratulates the City Authorities, Voluntary Groups, Businesses, Resident Associations and all who have worked together over the last year.

Regular KKB clean ups have already commenced and if you wish to take part why not contact us at to register your interest.  Tree planting and City tree survey are being undertaken  on the 18th January and the our Tidy Towns Estates initiative is also being launched.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our events.

Courthouse, Parliament street

Courthouse, Parliament street

Kilkenny is tidiest Irish City in latest Ibal nationwide survey

The latest Ibal anti-litter survey places Kilkenny  as the tidiest City in Ireland with a “Cleaner than European Norms” rating.  Kilkenny came  2nd in Ireland  in the overall rankings behind  Cavan town.

“Congratulations to the citizens and local authority of Kilkenny – an excellent result  – what is noticeable about Kilkenny and other very high ranking towns / cities is the  great care that is taken in the overall presentation of the environment and it is not just about litter.