Zoe Devlin presents “Wildflowers of Ireland- a personal Record”

A large crowd attended a very interesting presentation by Zoe Devlin titled ” Wildflowers of Ireland  – a personal record”  which recently took place in Kilkenny. The event was coordinated by Bird watch Ireland Kilkenny branch. Zoe reviewed Ireland’s rare flowers and also some of  the not so rare flowers including flowers growing in  Kilkenny. Invasive species were also reviewed.

The importance of pollinator species was discussed. The event ties in to the theme of improving habitat for our bees in Kilkenny. The importance of many plants to specific insects and  having adequate food for birds  was noted.

Rothe House Garden and KKB – open garden day

Saturday May 28th : Presentation at Bee friendly Rothe House garden  1pm-3pm.    There will also be the identification  of bee/pollinator  friendly plants. All are welcome.  Entry to the Gardens is free  to all on the day.  Arranged by KKB and Rothe House gardens.

We also welcome Tanguy de Toulgoët   a bee keeper to explain the art of bee keeping. He uses a French system using a  vertical divisible hive. The small boxes suits very well the size of the bee cluster especially during the winter. It is a great hive to keep bees naturally. They organise their nest in their own way and the surplus honey is harvested (if any) around August. The honey is stored in the higher boxes. The honey will be pressed or can be eaten in the comb. A full box is always left for the bees for the winter.

Rothe house gardens

Rothe house gardens

“Stop Food Waste Challenge” volunteers wanted!

Why not  take part in  the Kilkenny “Stop Food Waste Challenge”.  The aim is  to reduce your food waste, save money, have some fun and enjoy tasty meals on the way!

If you are interested in being part of the challenge, ring Bernadette Moloney, Environmental Awareness Officer on 056-7794487 or email your contact details to  [email protected]  or [email protected] before the 18th of September 2014.

food waste


Planter workshop at Sycamores and Aylesbury estate

planting workshop 3 planting workshopAs part of  the KKB pilot estate development project Sycamores and Aylesbury residents association  hosted a  planter basket  demonstration undertaken by Stuart Day  of the KKB.  The estate was recipient of  the overall KKB Tidy Towns Estate award in 2013. Congratulation to all who took part in arranging  the event.

planting workshop 2

Medieval Week in Kilkenny, St. Mary’s Church Conservation

There was a large gathering to review progress on the conservation work being undertaken at St Mary’s Church Graveyard. The Open Day  was organised to give an opportunity to meet with the stonemasons, conservation specialists and archaeologists working on the project.

There will be a seminar on the overall conservation and restoration project at St Mary’s on the 13th April.  For further information  click here for link.


  Presentation on stone work by Paul Tallis Building Contractor

Presentation on stone work by Paul Tallis Building Contractor

Some of the Large attendance at the event.

Some of the Large attendance at the event.

City poster. This shows  historic stone work  within St Mary's.

City poster.  This shows historic stone work within St Mary’s.

One of our City Welcome  Ambassadors  assisting with access to a historic crypt.

One of our City Welcome Ambassadors assisting with access to a historic crypt.