Kilkenny is tidiest Irish City in latest Ibal nationwide survey

The latest Ibal anti-litter survey places Kilkenny  as the tidiest City in Ireland with a “Cleaner than European Norms” rating.  Kilkenny came  2nd in Ireland  in the overall rankings behind  Cavan town.

“Congratulations to the citizens and local authority of Kilkenny – an excellent result  – what is noticeable about Kilkenny and other very high ranking towns / cities is the  great care that is taken in the overall presentation of the environment and it is not just about litter.


Kilkenny wins overall Ibal award for 2012

Kilkenny City receives the overall national Irish Business Against Litter (Ibal) award for 2012.  We  also congratulate Killarney and Cavan for their achievement in reaching the final shortlist.

View of River Nore and John’s Bridge from Kilkenny Castle Rose Garden. Copyright: Keep Kilkenny Beautiful

Kilkenny is Cleanest City in Ibal 2012

Johns Bridge and the river Nore August 2012. Copyright: Keep Kilkenny Beautiful

Kilkenny is celebrating success in the latest Ibal report which gives Kilkenny the status of cleanest City in Ireland.  “Cleaner than European Norms”.  Overall Kilkenny came 2nd   in the country with Cavan achieving the No.1 spot.

KKB Chairman Sean Leahy praised the efforts of the City Authorities, voluntary groups and the citizens of Kilkenny for their great efforts in the area of litter reduction in  2012.


Kilkenny: Clean to European norms in Summer 2010

Kilkenny city has received a clean bill of health from ibal (Irish Business Against Litter) following its latest survey of some 53 towns and cities through out Ireland this Summer. Mr Sean Leahy Keep Kilkenny Beautiful chairman has complimented the excellent work undertaken this year by all elements of community.

The Parade and Kilkenny Castle August 2010. Copyright: Keep Kilkenny Beautiful.