World Wetlands Day Sat Feb 2nd

Newpark Marsh hosted the world wet lands day visit on 2 February. Located close to the centre of Kilkenny city Newpark is a wonderful Marsh environment with a large amount of wildlife.On the visit organised by Birdwatch Ireland Kilkenny Branch, with support from the Heritage Office of Kilkenny County Council. A great lmorning was enjoyed. It was quite cold and ice was in place across much of the wetland. KKB has been working many years with local stakeholders and Kilkenny county council to  maintain Newpark Marsh. .Newpark Marsh  was awarded the top award in the ESB/CVI Community Environmental awards 2001 and the Marsh was also a national winner for Wildlife in the Tidy Towns Competition 2002. Since then there have been many improvements including additional signage, seating and a wonderful walk around the Marsh. 

Arts Festival in Beautiful Kilkenny City

Kilkenny Arts festival 2017  commenced in warm sunny weather. There were large crowds  attending the many street events which took place during the opening weekend.  Great colour  was to be seen and the flower displays were fantastic. Congratulations to all!

Kilkenny theatre

Music in the Rose Garden

Castle park

There were many stalls and art presentations

The Mayors walk

The Mayors walk with art displays

the Parade market

Rothe house on Parliament street with great colour.

Rehab Kilkenny joins KKB to plant for the future.

Congratulations to Rehab and Bird Watch Ireland  for joining our 2017  “planting for the future” initiative . A  new orchard and fruit garden has been planted just off  Bennettsbridge road. The new garden  will continue to give fruit  and apples into the future. it will be bee and wild life  friendly. It is one of a large number of orchards and fruit gardens which have been planted in and around Kilkenny City by Keep Kilkenny Beautiful, Kilkenny County Council and many  of our Residents Associations over the last number of years.


Over 1000 trees planted at Bishops Meadows

Congratulations to all who worked together to plant some 1000 native trees at Bishopsmeadows in Kilkenny. The weather was ideal,  on the day with spring warmth! The planting was sponsored and coordinated  by Tree Services Ireland who have an aim to plant 2 trees for every tree removed. The work was undertaken by a large number of volunteers working with KKB and local residents.

Keep our City the cleanest in Ireland!

Regular Winter clean-ups continue. Why not register to receive a text to advise of the next clean up in you area?

Contact us at  [email protected] or by text to  086-1075532.

We are currently working around the city,  the Ring road and all our City’s approach roads. Be empowered to look after our unique City, come out to experience our City….

Clean ups under way  through out our City

Clean ups under way through out our City



Kilkenny station looks its best for RPSI Steam Train visit !

Kilkenny welcomed the Rail Preservation Society of Ireland RPSI to McDonagh Station Kilkenny on a sunny Saturday 10th September 2011.  A large crowd welcomed the steam train. The train was drawn by  veteran steam engine No 186 class J15 built in 1879. It was   in service until 1964 and is  now  operated by the RPSI.   For  more information on the RPSI

Kilkenny welcomes the train. Copyright: Keep Kilkenny Beautiful.

Colourful flowers at Kilkenny station complement the steam engine colours. Copyright Keep Kilkenny Beautiful

Steam and smoke at the Kilkenny Footbridge. Copyright: Keep Kilkenny Beautiful.

Mayor of Kilkenny

Mayor of Kilkenny. Copyright: Keep Kilkenny Beautiful.

The Mayor of Kilkenny at the Kilkenny St Patrick’s Parade 2011.  Kilkenny has been a city since 1609 when it was given a charter. For more information, see

Our current mayor follows a proud tradition. There has been the position of Sovereign/Mayor in Kilkenny for many centuries. The earliest recorded Sovereign was Robert Palmer in 1282.  Since then there is an  unbroken record of the first citizen each year. In 1609 following the receipt of the City charter, the first Mayor was  Thomas Ley (until Michaelmas) and then Robert Rothe.   For two years 1655-1656 Daniel Axtell  was military governor in the city.