City Roundabout sponsorship scheme continues!

Kells Road roundabout 2009 (copyright KKB)

Coordinated  and landscape architect  designed roundabouts are being upgraded throughout the city.   The  planting of our 16 city roundabouts continue. There are still some sponsorships available. For further information contact the KKB (see our contacts section on this site) or contact the City parks department  at Kilkenny County hall, John st. Kilkenny.The roundabouts create colourful vistas through out the city.

The distinct and varied designs are adjusted to suit the location. they also act as colourful references   in our compact urban fabric.

City “ goal posts” become a thing of the past.

Consultations between the KKB and the City authorities  have successfully concluded with the removal during the last week  of the city’s unsightly High street traffic restriction barriers.  KKB secretary   Elaine Bradshaw complemented the City authorities on the major improvement this has already made at the main High street portals and the enhancement of the city centre core for its citizens.