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AGM 10 September  2020 elected the following officers for 2020-21.

  • Chairman                           Pat Boyd
  • Hon Secretary                    Margaret Walsh
  • Hon Treasurer                    Stuart Day
  • Biodiversity officer              Ann Mulrooney
  • Sustainable mobility officer Fionn Fitzpatrick

Keep Kilkenny Beautiful Committee (KKB) founded in 1980, is part of a vibrant City community.  The Committee works in partnership with the City’s citizens, Local Authority and County manager, Businesses and  Voluntary bodies, enhancing our City and creating a wonderful place to live.

Kilkenny has been  overall National Tidy Towns winner  twice, initially   in 1985 and again in 2014.

Kilkenny  City is winner of  many National and Regional awards including,   Large town and Large Urban Centre category and also Gold medal status in the National Tidy Towns  competition for many years.

Since 2010 our Major Awards have included;

 –    Overall winner:  National tidy towns  awards 1985 & 2014

–    Overall winner:  National overall Irish Business Against Litter (Ibal) award  2012 2013, 2014 . (three in a row) and again in 2019.  Also  national winner again  autumn 2020

–     National Tidy towns Gold Medal winners      2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015,2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

 –    Overall winner : National Tidy Towns winner   south east region award in 2013, 2014 and 2018

 –   Overall winner : National Tidy Towns  award of “Large Urban Centre” in 2010,  2011 and 2014.

–   Tourism towns overall national winner 2013 and  short list award winner in 2012, 2014 and 2015

–   National representative in the Communities in Bloom International Challenge competition  2015,  Kamloops, Canada.   Recipient of 5 Blooms Bronze.

Other important awards received  include:

  • All Ireland Pollinator Plan local authority pollinator award under the large town category for the south-east of Ireland 2019.
  • National runner-up award under sustainable development for the River Nore walk 2019
  • The Academy of Urbanism’s European great Town award  for  Kilkenny in 2008.
  • The Best Urban Park award for our river Nore Linear Park 2008.
  • National Tidy Towns  Landscaping award for Rothe House  garden in 2008
  • Newpark Marsh  was awarded the top award in the ESB/CVI Community Environmental awards 2001 and the Marsh was also a national winner for Wildlife in the Tidy Towns Competition 2002.

Picture under:  City Hall on High street. Copyright: Keep Kilkenny Beautiful

The KKB develops an  annual programme, marrying the historic with the modern, reinforcing the city spirit. New members are always welcome! Come and have the time of your life!

Pictures under:  under: St Mary’s Cathedral:  and: Castle Park. Copyright: Keep Kilkenny Beautiful

If you would like to use one of our pictures, please contact mail@keepkilkennybeautiful.com