Kilkenny 8000 tree challange



The Kilkenny 8000 Tree Biodiversity and Climate Change Challenge 2022

A Kilkenny Active Travel initiative involving KKB volunteers and local residents and cyclists reinstating a native Hedge row on Cootes Lane

Part of the Kilkenny Tree Cover Master Plan The 8000 Tree Biodiversity and Climate Change Challenge is KKB’s New Annual tree planting programme and part of our Climate Change and Biodiversity loss mitigation plan.Since its commencement 18 months ago over 10,000 trees have been planted and the target of planting 8000 trees this year has been achieved. This is a collaborative between KKB,Trees on the land The 32 County Tree Planting Charity Trees on the land and Kilkenny County Council and many other landowners in the city.The vast majority of trees planted are native pollinator friendly trees which in the future may be under planted with native the native Bluebell and spring pollinator bulbs if appropriate.

Special acknowledgement to Sean Hickey (horticulturist, landscape designer & planner),Brian Gaynor (consultant landscape designer trees in the land) and Shane Phellan(Forrester) for their expertise help and guidance.


Under a selection  of the tree planting initiatives  undertaken.  many thanks  to Kilkenny Co Co who works to facilitate many events with KKB

1.The Closh Garden of Remembrance and Reflection Kilkenny County Council 3 Commemoration Trees KKB and local residents KKB
2.St Johns Park Old Loughlin Gaels 2500 mixed Hedgerow Club members Trees on the land
3.SOS Kilkenny 2500 Linear native woodland trees KKB Trees on the land
4.St Rioch’s Tce Car Road 400 Traditional Hedgerow Supplementation Hawthorn/blackthorn mix and 18 standard native trees Residents Group Keep Kilkenny Beautiful
5.The Bregagh Valley 1500 native whips and 24 standard native trees in  riparian valley. Public tree planting event Keep Kilkenny Beautiful
6 Glendine Woods 400 Hawthorns and 18 standard native trees.New Hedgerow and green area supplementation Residents and KKB Volunteers Keep Kilkenny Beautifull
8 Ardnore Park 400 mixed native whips and 22 Standard native trees Parkland supplementation Residents group Keep Kilkenny Beautiful.
9 Rath Ullard 18 Standard Native Trees Residents Developer /KKB
10 Cootes Lane 200 mixed native Hedgerow. Public Tree Planting event Trees on the Land and KKB.
11 Ring Rd Rath Ullard 150 mixed native whips The Lions Club and KKB. Kilkenny County Council,
12 St Kieran’s College College Trustees 16 Apple Trees and 9 standard replacement Trees St Kieran’s College Trees on the land
13 Cillin Hill 3700 Native Irish Whips. Kilkenny Co Co Trees on the land.


Total Trees Planted in 2021/2022     8071

Total for 2020/2021/2022 = 11,771.

The ceremonial truce commemoration tree being planted at the Closh Garden of Remembrance and reflection at The Closh marking the Double Truce. The War of Independence Truce and our Truce with Nature.

St Johns Park, O’Loughlin Gaels members planting 2500 to create a native Irish pollinator friendly hedge row with trees sponsored and supplied by trees in the land.


SOS Kilkenny Linear Wood Land at Seville Lodge,SOS ON THE Callan Rd 2500 native pollinator friendly trees were planted to replace a line of Leylandii’s between The School of The Holy Spirit and SOS

Rothe Terrace residents planting 400 Hawthorn whips supplied by trees in the land and KKB to supplement and fill gaps in this traditional native hedgerow which was not suitable for laying. 18 standard trees which facilitate perching were also planted at intervals.


Glendine Woods. 400 Hawthorns and 18 Standard Treesplanted by residents at Glendine Woodscreating a new perimeter hedge to replace a line of Leylandii and supplementing parkland trees with native standard trees.

Ardnore Park 28 Standard native trees and an increased area of wildflower meadow and 400 native hawthorn saplings supplementing a native woodland hedgerow.


Rath Ullard- Standard Native Tree Planting. 18 standard native Irish Trees planted by residents and supplied by KKB

Ring Rd Rath Ullard. KCC, KKB and Lions Club collaborate to plant 150 saplings supplied by KCC.

St Kieran’s College Orchard and Standard Tree Replacement and the creation of a wildflower meadow.