Kilkenny City No4 in latest 2024 IBAL survey


KKB congratulates all of our   voluntary groups, businesses  and Kilkenny CoCo  and all those who have  assisted in achieving our  current  consistent high  standard in the IBAL  survey!

Kilkenny: 4th out of 40 towns / cities surveyed. Cleaner than European Norms.
Kilkenny has scored very well, as we have come to expect from the former IBAL multiple-winner. It has consistently been a high-ranking town for many years. With so many top-ranking sites, some are worth mentioning. Kilkenny Train Station (Exterior and Interior) was an excellent environment and clearly one where the station staff are clearly very proud of their station. Parliament Street was an exceptionally freshly presented shopping street, with attractive paving and all elements in very good order. The Bring Facility at St Canice’s has often been littered in previous surveys – not so, this time around.