Our City rivers are a fantastic resource

What a fantastic  resource we have  through our City with the  River Nore and its wooded banks.  The spread of invasive species including Himalayan balsam and giant hog weed   within the river Nore corridor   through Kilkenny city  has been  been halted  and  our ongoing inspections and  management  has see a major decline in their occurrence. This has allowed the strong  re-establishment of native Irish riverside species of plants and shrubs which help to stablise the river banks.

Tea Houses on the Riverside Park

Kilkenny county council have recently completed the conservation of the two tea houses located on the river Nore adjacent to the Riverside Park in the centre of Kilkenny.

The gothic style tea houses  also known as  “pleasure houses ”   are of c 1800 construction making a picturesque impression  due to their  location overlooking the River Nore. The extensive works which  have taken place in the former brewery lands has facilitated the opening up the area with a new riverside walk adjacent to the tea houses.

There is an open day to view the newly completed conservation  work  on Monday, 30 May 2022 between 4:30 PM and 6:30 PM all are welcome.


St Patrick’s weekend in Kilkenny

What a treat it was to get back out and enjoy the St Patrick’s weekend here in Kilkenny. Wonderful weather and a great atmosphere.Congratulations to all who took part and for the organisation of the event. Both the Parade and Canal  square were packed with visitors enjoying the music food and amusements.

The fireworks display was also fantastic.


Happy Christmas from Kilkenny City

Christmas colour and Christmas cheer from Kilkenny . Congratulations to all who worked to make Yulefest a success as part of a sustainable Kilkenny Christmas.  See also the  RTE Nationwide 17th December  visit to Kilkenny.

Santa arrived to open the festival  on a cycle powered  float followed by a Cavalcade of young and old on their bicycles.The 2022 Kilkenny cat was unveiled. On the parade many of our local musicians have had  the opportunity to perform to an appreciative public.The Christmas market in 2021 was particularly attractive with local producers and artists displaying their wares.

Happy Christmas 2021 from keep Kilkenny beautiful.

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St Patrick’s Historic graveyard gets clean up

Thanks to all the volunteers who came out  to clean up st Patrick’s historic graveyard. the works included trimming back bushes  and weeding the gravel path that meanders through the graveyard.  the NIAH notes  “A picturesque graveyard containing a collection of markers of artistic design significance exhibiting high quality stone masonry. A number of markers dating to the late seventeenth century represent an important element of the archaeological heritage of Kilkenny while serving as a reminder of the mass house, later a Catholic chapel that existed on site until the late eighteenth century”

For  further information on the many historic grave stones within the grave yard see link- click here Kilkenny Archaeological society