Keep Kilkenny Beautiful Awards 2022

A very successful Annual Awards took place at the  Rivercourt  Hotel on John street on  the 18th October 2022.  A large attendance celebrated the best of Kilkenny.   Pat Boyd our Chairperson  welcomed  all. Our  keynote  speaker was Malcolm Noonan TD Minister of State – Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage. Our theme was “Biodiversity at the heart of Climate Change”

Some of the large attendance.

The 2022 results were as follows:-


The Entrepreneur award : Kilkenny Cycle Tours

Hidden Gems award winners:-

Antoinette Quigley, Rioch St

Ms  Gulnahar Qureshi, St Kieran’s Crescent

Delia Lowery, Nore Therapies,  William St

James Lawlor,  Glendine Heights

Lynch Family, Kennyswell  Rd


Kilkenny Hero:-     Pat O’Donnell

Fitzpatrick Shield for  Community Effort:- St Johns Priory,  John st.

Private garden pollinator award:- Judy & Jimmy Rhatigan, Riverside Drive

Community pollinator award:- Melville Heights,  Bennettsbridge Road

Best Commercial Flower Display     

Winner:- Langton’s, John Street     Highly commended:- Biodecus, James  Green

Most improved commercial premises

Winner:- Paris Texas, Mary’s Lane

Highly commended:- Lenehan’s  Barrack St/Castlecomer Rd


 Best Shop front

Winner:- Haven, John O’Connell’s Pharmacy. Rose Inn Street

Highly commended:- Iris,  Parliament street


Best signage

Winner:- Brennan’s Bottling Hall, Walkin Street

Highly commended:-Tynan’s Bridge House bar, Bateman Quay


Best hospitality:-

Winner:- Newpark Hotel, Castlecomer road

Highly commended:-Fanad house,  Bennettsbridge Road

Private Garden awards      

 Highly Commended :- 

Heather & Pat Wood, Pearse St.

Liam McCormack, Greenfield Court

Mary & Noel Deevey,  Riverside Drive

Pat &  Michael Shortall, Riverside Drive

F Barry,  Walkin street

Maurice Brennan, Glendine Heights

Una Thornton, Larchfield

John Lacey. Riverview

Ena Duffy,  Fr Delahaunty Tce.

Joan O’Sullivan, Riverview

Dave Ryan, New Building Lane

Karen  Bradley Monaghan, Fr Murphy Square

Catherine Duff,   Glendine Heights

Joyce Nolan. Old Callan Rd.

Joe Maher, Edenvale Close

Noel Frawley,  Cashel Avenue

Canice & Maura Hickey,  Newpark Lower

John Butler,  Glendine Heights

Mary Prendergast,  Walkin street


Overall  Winner:-  Private Garden awards:- Tony Hayes, Glendine Heights

Runner Up :- Private Garden awards:- Brigid Breen, Dean Kavanagh Place

Residential Estates –  Highly Commended:- 

Millennium Court

Hebron Park




Sycamores /Aylesbury

De la Salle place,


Cashel Downs


Best larger & smaller  estates:-

 Winner:- Old Newpark   Winner:-  Glendine Heights.

Runner up:- Robertshill   Runner up:-  St  Kieran’s Crescent


Litter Pick Champion’s Award:-  Kilkenny Lions Club


Most Sustainable Business Award:- The Cutting Veg, Ormonde street

Outdoor Education Award:- The Acorn Project – Maire Ni Braoinan

Sustainable Travel Activism Award:- Sean O’hArgain

Award for  Excellence in Environmental Service

Kilkenny Co Co  Streetscape maintenance crew

Kilkenny Street of the Year  Award

Ormonde St

During  2022 Ormonde Street  extensive  upgrade  undertaken by Kilkenny Co Co   has excelled.  The business premises on the street have also played their part   in presenting  an attractive  newly  upgraded city centre  Street.”

Kilkenny Cleaner than European Norms in IBAL 2022

Great news for Kilkenny city  and all who are  working to keep Kilkenny beautiful.  Kilkenny has again achieved Cleaner than European Norms in IBAL 2022 round 1.    (Irish Business against Litter).  See our  adjudicators report under.

Congratulations to Naas who have achieved  No. 1 in the current Judging.


Kilkenny: 8th out of 40 towns / cities surveyed. Cleaner than European Norms.
Kilkenny is consistently high-ranking and this takes a lot of work on the part of many within the community. All approach roads got the top litter grade, creating a positive first
impression. This high standard was maintained for many of the remaining sites surveyed, including the Train Station (Exterior and Interior), the Riverside Walk and Parliament Street – the latter scored well, despite plenty of activity within.

N712 Paulstown Approach Road: Grade A. This route presented very well, creating a positive first impression of Kilkenny with cycle paths, roadway and adjoining grasslands clear of litter. Kilkenny Train Station – Exterior: Grade A. A very welcoming environment with colourful planting and a virtual absence of litter throughout. The area could be further improved if cigarette butts weren’t allowed to gather at the base of the planted areas.
Kilkenny Train Station – Interior: Grade A. All aspects of the interior of the station were in pristinecondition e.g., seating, signage, litter bins, visitor information notices etc. There was a virtual absence of litter throughout.

Riverside Walk: Grade A. A wonderful riverside environment which is very well presented and maintained. Planted areas were in good order and the overall impression created was a very positive one.
Derelict buildings at ‘The Ring’ beside Rothe House: Grade A. There was a notable
improvement in the overall presentation and litter situation at one of these buildings. A new coat of paint has made a big difference here. This time around, there was minimal litter to be seen.

Recycle Facility at St. Canice’s; Grade B. Casually discarded litter / items associated with recycling took away from an otherwise freshly presented ‘Bring Facility’. This could easily be top ranking with a little extra care and attention.
Friary Bridge, by City Walls: Grade B. The most obvious litter items were sweet papers and plastic bags with lower levels of fast-food wrappers and cigarette butts.

Parliament Street: Grade A. This busy shopping street has scored very well with regard to litter. it is well served by litter bins and the overall presentation was a very good one.

Bennetsbridge Approach Road: Grade A. There was a complete absence of litter along the stretch of road surveyed. Grass boundaries had been carefully mown. It was an excellent site,overall.

Durrow Approach Road: Grade A. As with the other approach roads into Kilkenny, this was verymuch deserving of the top litter grade. It was well presented and immaculate throughout.


Kilkenny City retains gold medal in 2021 National Tidy Towns competition

Congratulations  to Ennis as national winner in 2021 with 355 points. We as a tidy towns  committee understand  the extent of effort and commitment that was required by the hardworking Ennis committee to achieve this award.   Congratulations also to Kilsheelan in the highly contested Southeast award who achieved 353 points.

Kilkenny were joint 4th overall in the national Tidytowns competition with a  score of  351 points.    Great credit to all our current and past volunteers for getting us up to this level , retaining our gold medal status and moving up a further 9 pts.

For our full report  click here for report

the Adjudicators concluding remarks noted

Kilkenny is a beautiful historic city, and you are commended for the wonderful work you have done over the years in keeping it looking its best. We look forward to receiving your application in 2022

The second round adjudication noted   ( visit date 04/09/2021)

We enjoyed The Parade Outdoor Market on the day of adjudication. It was great to see the local food markets and exhibitions on such a busy day. This area surrounding the castle was litter free and is well presented. We admired the planters on the street and hanging baskets on the lamp posts. This area also has plenty of outdoor seating
which is so functional particularly on market day. Skate Park is a significant recreational amenity in the city for all to enjoy.

We noted the provision of additional outdoor seating areas in the Market Yard and Parliament Street in addition to the bins. We are pleased to see the wildflower area at Kilkenny Castle and we noted the Windgap Hill Amenity Area with outdoor seating on the Dublin road entering the city.

The wild flowers on the KK Ring road are eye catching and colourful. We could see the work that has gone into reducing grass cutting and verge management which will benefit the pollinators. There are many shop fronts in the city centre maintained to a high standard.

We admired The World’s End and E. Connell on John Street. The Kilford Arms Hotel and Bridie’s General Store are also eye catching and presented well. We commend you on keeping the city centre litter free.

We noted the absence of litter in smaller areas also such as St. Mary’s Lane. The street signage in the city centre is of a high standard and we were impressed with the area outside of the The Left Bank. The large Roman numeral clock on the building next to ‘The Field’ is impressive in addition to the hanging planters outside The Field and AIB
on High Street.

We were pleased with the standard of the approach roads. Bennetsbridge roundabout on the Dublin road is welcoming and we liked the planters and its overall appearance.



Kilkenny City continues to be clean to European norms

Kilkenny continues to be  clean to European norms having been placed 6th  in the current IBAL survey published in October 2021. Since the receipt of the results KKB volunteers have been out in sunny weather  undertaking additional work in areas mentioned as requiring attention  in the report. Congratulations to all for keeping Kilkenny Beautiful.


An Taisce Report – IBAL Anti-Litter League, Round 1, 2021


Kilkenny: 6th out of 40 towns / cities surveyed. Cleaner than European Norms.

Kilkenny retains its perennial status as Cleaner than European Norms. As we have come to expect, there were no heavily littered sites. Kilkenny Train Station (Exterior and Interior) wasn’t just good with regard to litter but was very well presented and maintained – it is clearly a place of great pride, based on the various plaques / awards hanging on the wall. Other top-ranking sites of note included the River Bank, Parliament Street and Market Cross Shopping Centre. The latter was particularly well presented and maintained with the opportunity for ‘separating’ waste, attractive seating, planting and some welcoming features along the pedestrian entrance.

R712 Paulstown Approach Road: Grade A. This heavily trafficked route presented very well and there were no visible litter issues. It created a positive first impression of the town and this high standard was maintained for many of the remaining sites surveyed.

Site of ‘Tubs & Tiles’ on corner of R712: Grade B. There is no doubt that the overall presentation of this environment has improved compared to a few years ago. The wooden planter boxes around the edge looked well. The area over the low wall, which was heavily weeded within, harboured some food related items. The blue overflowing litter bin is liable to produce more litter if not addressed.

Kilkenny Train Station – Exterior: Grade A. An exceptionally well presented and maintained train station environment with all aspects in very good order. There was a complete absence of litter throughout the area surveyed.

Kilkenny Train Station – Interior: Grade A. The interior of the station was gleaming and there is clearly great pride in the station based on the various plaques / awards hanging on the wall. Seating, bins, signage were in excellent condition.

Derelict building, beside Rothe House: Grade B. This white building, with three steps and a white railing presents very poorly. While there was minimal litter in the immediate vicinity, it needs attention, especially as some parts were likely to fall down.

Bring Centre (St. Canice’s car Park): Grade B. One of the bin units was in a bad condition, the base of it was broken, the contents of which were falling out. Broken glass on the ground and other miscellaneous litter items in the immediate vicinity of the facility also brought down the litter grade.

Market Cross Shopping Centre: Grade A. The pedestrian passage-way has been colourfully adorned with an array of umbrellas above, almost sculpture like. Paving was fresh, shop fronts were in very good condition, seating and planting were in good order. Patrons have the opportunity to ‘separate’ their waste with a substantial cigarette butt collection unit to the side. The overall impression was a very positive one in terms of presentation and litter.

Parliament Street: Grade A. There was a virtual absence of litter along this busy shopping street. A well presented and cared for town centre environment.

River Bank: Grade A. This lovely waterside environment was an exceptionally well presented and maintained environment. Railings, grass, flowering arrangements were in very good condition – the whole area was spotless throughout.

Waterford Approach Road: Grade A. All appeared in good order along this route. Road surface, markings and signage were in very good condition.

Kilkenny City tops IBAL for a record 5th time!

Keep Kilkenny Beautiful are very pleased with  announcement that for a record fifth time we’ve achieved No.1 in Ireland in the Ibal litter survey (Irish business against litter).

Praising Kilkenny in its report, An Taisce commented: “There is surely a lesson in this result for other towns – while the majority of towns have deteriorated during Covid, Kilkenny has been maintained in pristine condition.”  The High Street, River Nore Walk  and grounds of Kilkenny Castle were all “excellent with regard to not just litter, but overall presentation”. 

Congratulations to Kilkenny county council staff, local businesses,  community groups, resident associations and all our Keep Kilkenny Beautiful volunteers who have continued to work  under difficult conditions to keep Kilkenny beautiful.

Kilkenny:  1st out of 37 towns / cities surveyed.  Cleaner than European Norms. 


There is surely a lesson in this result for other towns – while the majority of towns have deteriorated during Covid, Kilkenny has been maintained in pristine condition.  All approach routes were top ranking and created a positive first impression of the town – this high standard was sustained for almost all of the remaining sites and there were no seriously littered sites.  With so many top-rankingsites, special mention.  High Street, Upper and Lower John Street, River Nore River Walk (behind Kilkenny Castle) and the grounds of Kilkenny Castle Park – all were excellent with regard to not just litter, but overall presentation and maintenance. 

R712 Dublin Road Approach:  Grade A.  Cycle / pedestrian paths were in good order and the overall impression created along this road was a very good one, creating a positive first impression of Kilkenny – this very high standard was maintained for almost all of the remaining sites surveyed.

Upper and Lower John Street:  Grade A.  A long stretch of shopping street which scored very well with regard to litter.  Newly laid road surface created a very fresh impression.  Clearly a close eye is kept on the derelict / closed down premises as there was no litter directly associated with them.  Some shop fronts were attractively presented, really adding to the streetscape e.g., Billy Byrnes, Langton’s and an ‘olde’ style food deli.

Kilkenny Castle Park:  Grade A.An expansive area – such a wonderful resource – beautifully managed with a complete absence of litter throughout. All aspects of the area surveyed were in very good condition e.g., playground, seating, signage.

River Nore:  Grade A.Area surveyed was from John Bridge, along the pedestrian route to the rear of Kilkenny Castle.  The attractively laid out area at the beginning of this walk was very fresh in appearance with sculpture, items of historical interest, seating, bins etc. – all in excellent order.  There was a complete absence of litter on this long stretch of riverwalk – a credit to the users.

High Street:  Grade A.A lovely streetscape, excellent with regard to litter and all aspects of the area surveyed in very good conditione.g., paving, seating, planting, visitor information notices, street bins etc.  The individual shop fronts were very well presented with very few closed down / vacant outlets, compared to other towns / cities throughout the country.

Market Yard Car Park:  Grade B+.An extensive street level car park, mostly good with regard to litter, but some items were impossible to ignore e.g., face masks, plastic gloves and some loose food related litter e.g., cans, plastic bottles.

Bring Centre at St. Canice’s:  Grade A.A small facility, all aspects in very good condition and no litter associated with it.  Signage was clear, legible and in good order.

Kilkenny Ring Road:  Grade A.  (From garage at Dean Street to Castlecomer New Road)  The built environment was in excellent order and the grass area was in good condition – there was no visible litter along this expansive stretch of road.

Ormonde Retail Park:  Grade B+.Plastic wrapping was the most obvious item with some food related litter (e.g., plastic bottles and coffee cups) in the low-lying shrubbery.  Not much effort is required for this to be a top-ranking site.

Carlow – Kilkenny Link Road:  Grade A.An excellent route in both directions, in terms of both presentation and litter.




Kilkenny City No.1 in National IBAL 2020 litter survey

KKB are very proud of the success of the work of our volunteers undertaken this year in difficult circumstances. We also recognise  athe excellent work being done in conjunction with Kilkenny County Council,  resident associations, local businesses  and voluntary groups over the last number of months.

The  result of this hard work can be seen through out our city.

Saturday morning team out Keeping Kilkenny Beautiful




Castle Park is a great space to recreate in

Kilkenny: 1st out of 40 towns / cities surveyed. Cleaner than European Norms.

Again Kilkenny comes up shining! It wasn’t just the following sites which consistently scored so well, but even the series of interconnecting laneways between the streets and medieval area were excellent – this is often not the case in other towns / cities throughout the country. Among many top-ranking sites, a few deserve a special mention e.g. Kilkenny Castle Park and Rose Garden (a wonderful resource which was clear of litter throughout), Abbey Square Car Park (not just a functional car park, but attractively presented with planting around the perimeter) and High Street – an exceptionally clean and well presented shopping environment.

Medieval Mile Museum: Grade A. The grounds of this museum were devoid of all litter. Bins, seating areas, signage etc. were in excellent condition. Grounds were suitably maintained for such an historic site.

Kilkenny Castle Park and Rose Garden: Grade A. The extensive grounds of Kilkenny Castle were in excellent order – not just very good with regard to litter but very well maintained – a credit to the users and those responsible for the maintenance. Lovely signage e.g. Ecology of an Oak Tree, Kilkenny Park Run Trail, sculptures, seating, bins etc. all create a very positive impression. Temporary outdoor café area and water feature in the Rose Garden were also clear of litter.

N77 Approach from Athy: Grade A. A clean and tidy approach to Kilkenny, creating a positive first impression of the town – this very high standard was maintained for virtually all the remaining sites surveyed.

R693 Approach from Thurles: Grade A. There were no visible litter along this route and colourful planting close to the ‘Welcome to Kilkenny’ signage was a nice feature.

Bring Centre at St. Canice’s Car Park: Grade B+. The clothing and bottle / can bin unit were clean and fresh and large, clear signage was in good order. Bottle caps, broken glass and loose litter items were around the base and to the side and rear of the bin units.

Abbey Square Car Park: Grade A. A lovely town centre car park with road surface / markings in very good order and colourful surrounding planting. Signage relating to the car park was in excellent order – it was excellent with regard to litter.

High Street: Grade A. A long stretch of shopping street which was consistently clear of litter throughout. It wasn’t just the lack of litter which created such a good impression but the overall presentation of the street e.g. paving, abundant and colourful hanging baskets, bins in excellent condition, wooden seating, bollards etc. A top-ranking site throughout.

Banks of River Nore: Grade A. (from St. John’s Bridge to pedestrianised bridge). A lovely riverside environment with seating, paving, grassy picnic area etc, very well presented and maintained. There were no visible litter issues in the water or along the banks of the river. The pedestrianised bridge was lined with colourful planting.

Upper and Lower John Street: Grade A. There was a virtual absence of litter along the stretch of both Upper and Lower John Street. ‘Keep Kilkenny Litter Free’ signage on the paving was very discreet.

M9-N10 Carlow – Kilkenny Link Road: Grade A. There were no litter issues along this route, in either direction.

Dublin road approach to our city

River Nore and Kilkenny Castle from the Dublin road viewing point

Maintenance work is ongoing in the many community orchards throughout our city

Black abbey square with autumn colour

James green park in the City centre

last of the summer colour raises spirits

clean up and invasive specie removal on the river Breagadh, a beautiful vantage point from under the bridge

The Pear harvest s in full swing

Study of our oak tree leaves with ring gallls


Kilkenny No.1 in IBAL 2019 competition

Irish Business Against Litter win for Kilkenny City in  2019.  Kilkenny is No.1 ahead of Killarney and Swords.  Congratulations to all our volunteers  and also to  Kilkenny Co Co who have  worked through out the year  to help to achieve this excellent result. Our win is for a record 4th time.

Kilkenny wins B of I National Enterprise Town Award 2019

Congratulation to all on the hard work  undertaken  by the  National Enterprise Town Award  committee who in turn were supported by many organisations and volunteers from through out our City, this included the  Kilkenny PPN   (Kilkenny Public Participation Network) and Keep Kilkenny Beautiful.

This is a fantastic achievement for Kilkenny, there were over  70 Communities in the running, Kilkenny were victorious in winning the overall prize at the Bank of Ireland National Enterprise Town Awards 2019 including a  cash prize of €33,000.

This win is indicative of the hard work and dedication of many businesses and enterprises throughout the city but also our community spirit which is at the heart of everything we  do.  It is important that local enterprises and community groups are supported in their efforts to create jobs and a sustainable future for their communities.

Pictured representing Kilkenny at the 2019 Bank of Ireland National Enterprise Town Awards are Noel Sherry, Mary O’Hanlon, Maurice O’Connor (PPN Secretariat and Community Radio), Deirdre Dunne, Mayor Martin Brett, Marion Acreman, Colette Byrne, Fiona Deegan, Minister John Paul Phelan, John Hurley, Peter Chap Cleere, Cllr Deirdre Cullen, Deirdre Shine, Bank of Ireland, JJ Keyes, Head of Kilkenny, Bank of Ireland

Annual Awards 2019 – Results

A large crowd attended the 2019 annual awards ceremony which took place at the Springhill court hotel on the 29th of October 2019.

Ian McCullough Of Birdwatch Kilkenny presented a thought-provoking presentation in relation to biodiversity in our city and recommendations on how to improve planting to be insect and bee friendly.

Set out under our list of the award recipients in the various categories. Congratulations to all.

Keep Kilkenny Beautiful awards 2019 results

Best commercial floral display    

Highly commended

Bollard’s,  Kieran St.

Kytler’s Inn, Kieran St.

Rafter Dempsey’s,  Friary St.

Langton’s, John Street.

Tynan’s Bridge house

Rothe House, Parliament  St.



Hotel Kilkenny

Attractive composition of flowers complementing the  well maintained  hotel buildings and courtyards 


Most improved commercial premises      

Highly commended

Aran Bakery, Barrack St.

Crown Hair Salon, Ormonde st.

Mokum Interiors, Dean  st.


The Hungry Moose, John St.,

Upgrading an existing corner  building which had been vacant for a number of years with attractive decoration and  colourful  flowers on an important junction


Best shop front         

Highly commended

Murphy Jewellers, High st.,

Maibe Carey, Parliament st.,

Newbridge Silverware,  High st.


Brennan’s Bottling Store,  Walkin St.,

Attractive traditional public house on corner site with appropriate  signage and  eye-catching decoration.

Best shop signage

Highly commended

Little Green Grocer, Parliament st.

Designer Emporium, Kieran st.


Food For Life, Kieran st.

Well decorated shop premises  with attractive signage and complementary art work

Best Kilkenny hospitality

Highly commended

Springhill Court Hotel, Waterford rd.,

Mena House, Castlecomer rd.

Park Villa, Castlecomer rd.

Fanad House, Bennettsbridge rd.


Hibernian Hotel, Patrick St.

Fine city centre establishment in prominent location with external seating area on the newly revamped Patrick st welcomes visitors to Kilkenny

Best Commercial Centre

Highly commended

IMC Cinema, off Castlecomer rd.

Market Cross Shopping Centre


Kilkenny Retail & Business Park

The overall area is well presented and maintained with attractive perimeter tree planting and areas of sustainable planting


Awards for evening premises display


Paris Texas, High st.

Billy Byrnes 39 John st. Upper


Bridie’s, 72 John  st.

Entrepreneur awards

Kilkenny Boat Tours

Providing  a new perspective with their  river  Nore  tours of our City

Kilkenny Segway  Tours

Providing  city wide electric Segway tours of our City

Special Awards – Hidden gems 2019

St. Mary’s Daycare centre & residential units,     Gaol Rd/ Haughney Green

For providing sustainable colour on  the street edge.

Fushia House, Waterford rd.

For special effort in providing a colourful display and care of adjacent green spaces 

Joanna McLoughlin,  Magdalen Court

For special effort in providing a colourful display







38 Abbey sq.

For special effort in providing colourful displays

Mary Jo Gilligan, Tilbury Place

For special effort in reclaiming  the street

Joe Carton & Niamh O’Donoghue, John’s Quay

For special effort in providing  colourful planting  in the city centre

McDonagh Junction shopping centre

For special effort in  upgrading   presentation 

Mother of Fair Love school, James st.

 The Tidy towns Judge remarked ”We admired three lovely new trees in the grounds of the Mother of Fair Love school near St Mary’s Cathedral.” 


Kilkenny street of the year  2019

Patrick  street

This street has really improved over the last number of years. The judges were impressed with the variety of shop types and businesses, the many excellently painted shop fronts and buildings, the range of flowers, planters and the overall impression was very positive. Congratulations to Patrick  Street as winner of the 2019 Kilkenny street of the year

Special award 2019

Simon Walton

For his dedication and assistance as City Engineer  to Tidy Towns  & Kilkenny City over the last number of years

Heroes in our Community Award

Men’s Shed  – Good Shepherd centre

“These award are given to those from our community  who have shown leadership in their community. It is through their  quiet work that  many excellent projects are completed throughout Kilkenny city on an ongoing basis. During 2019 they  also constructed 3 large  owl boxes   for KKB which  have been erected at  sites around Kilkenny city.

Fitzpatrick Perpetual Shield for Community Effort              

Home Rule Club

We congratulate the Home Rule Club for their well presented premises on John’s quay on their  125 year anniversary.

The Brendan Lawless Memorial Award

Gardening Staff  lead by Katherine Keoghan  of  Kilkenny Co Co

” This award is   for the excellent sustainable  gardening and colourful planting undertaken  through out our city”




Siobhan Griffith,   Garden Villas

5 Nuncio rd.

Cathleen Ayers,  Dean’s Court

Tony Murphy, Rose Hill court

Maureen Scully,  St Patrick’s close



Mary Nolan, Lacken  Drive

Liam Kelly, Newpark Lower

Peggy O’Toole,  Lacken  Drive

Sean & Mairead Delaney, Glenview, Castlecomer road

Terence & Maire Morris,  The Weir

Margaret Greene,   Glendine Court

Aileen Beirne,  Meadow Way



Larry Murphy, New Orchard

Brendan Burke & Joie Bourke,  The Orchard

John Brophy,  New Orchard

Turlough O’Dwyer,   Rathullard,

Margaret Egan,  Pococke Upper

Lintown Gardens

Alison & Niall Brett, Rosedale Garringreen/Whitewood



Kilsallagh, College Gardens

Patricia Shortall,  Riverside Drive

Mary Deevy,  Riverside Drive

Breda Slattery,  Meadow Hill

Fran Grincell,  Talbots Inch

Judy Rhatigan,  Riverside Drive



Helen Kavanagh,  Dean Kavanagh place

Lucy Talent    Upper  Walkin Street

Maureen Logan,  Dean Kavanagh Place


Rebecca & Priscilla Byrne,  Fatima Place


Jacinta Brett, Meadow Hill


Liam McCormack,  Greenfields Court












Residential estate competition




Larchfield court

Beech Park


Cedarwood Close Loughboy park / Cedarwood Drive/ Cedarwood Avenue/ Cedarwood Crescent/

Marble Crest


Ashleigh Court

Fiacre’s Place


Edenvale Close

The Paddocks




De la Salle place

Glendine Heights


The  Orchard

Ashfield  /  Ashfield East



Talbot’s Inch

Breagagh Court

Riverside drive, Meadow hill, Greenfields road, Loreto Avenue

Broguemakers hill

The Sycamores/Aylesbury



Rose Hill Court

College Court & Old Callan road

Fr Murphy sq.



Sponsor   St Canice’s Kilkenny  Credit Union

Joint runners up smaller residential  estates 2019 :

Lacken Drive

New Orchard estate

Winner – Best overall smaller residential estate in Kilkenny 2019

Gallow’s Hill

“the judges were impressed with the care taken by this small community to look after their estate. The small green space is neatly looked after there are attractive ivy covered walls and attractive planting in a   mature tree setting. Congratulations to Gallows Hill, on their efforts and the receipt of their overall smaller estate award in 2019“

Joint runners up larger estates 2019 :

Newpark Lower /Upper

Lintown Hall

Winner – Best overall larger residential estate in Kilkenny  2019

Rose Hill  (off Kells road)

“The judges were amazed by the extent of work which has been completed over the last number of years to improve this estate. The judges were very impressed by the attractive green spaces, variety of trees, Cootes lane and  the green spaces adjacent. The judges found the estate litter free. Congratulations to Rose Hill  on their efforts and the receipt of their overall award in 2019“