Kilkenny No.1 in IBAL 2019 competition

Irish Business Against Litter win for Kilkenny City in  2019.  Kilkenny is No.1 ahead of Killarney and Swords.  Congratulations to all our volunteers  and also to  Kilkenny Co Co who have  worked through out the year  to help to achieve this excellent result. Our win is for a record 4th time.

Kilkenny city receives highly prestigious 2015 Tourism Towns award

Kilkenny city has again been honoured with the receipt of a coveted 2015 tourism town’s award.

This is Kilkenny’s fourth consecutive success in the Tourism Towns competition receiving a highly commended award. Kilkenny was crowned the National Tourism Town winner in 2013 and was also highly commended in 2012 and 2014.

We congratulate Tralee  the overall large town winner 2015 and our  joint large town highly commended winners of Cobh, Co. Cork and Killarney, Co Kerry.

There has been very strong cooperation through out Kilkenny city between public and private sector, voluntary groups and businesses working together to reach the level of success achieved in this competition.

Presentation of  Tourism Towns award 2015

Presentation of Tourism Towns award 2015 – Kilkenny City 

Members of Kilkenny City Delegation with  the Minister of State for Tourism and Sport, Michael Ring at the Tourism Towns awards 2015

Members of Kilkenny City Delegation with the Minister of State for Tourism and Sport, Michael Ring at the Tourism Towns awards 2015. Keep Kilkenny Beautiful Committee was represented by  Chairman Peter Bluett. 

Kilkenny city is a unique place to visit and enjoy! The Keep Kilkenny beautiful committee are proud partners and congratulate all who have worked together to achieve once again this prestigious award within our city.

Kilkenny- Irish Business Against Litter (IBAL) success 2015

Kilkenny City is again recognised  as “Cleaner than European Norms” in the  latest  Irish Business Against Litter (IBAL) litter survey which was released at the end of August. This was the first judging in the 2015 competition which has recognised the high standards now being achieved in Ireland with 16 towns and cities achieving the “Cleaner than European Norms” standard. A second judging in this competition takes place later in 2015 and the national winner for 2015 will then be announced.

This fantastic result for Kilkenny City follows our unprecedented   3 times in a row  win of this competition in 2012, 2013, 2014. The Keep Kilkenny Beautiful Committee wishes to once again thank all in Kilkenny city who have worked really hard this year to  keep our City Beautiful.

Parliament street, Kilkenny

Parliament street, Kilkenny







Report received:

Kilkenny:  Joint 6th out of 40 towns / cities surveyed.  Cleaner than European Norms.

Great care continues to be taken with the presentation and maintenance of Kilkenny.  Many of the top ranking sites were in exceptionally good order e.g. High Street, Rose Inn street, Kilkenny Castle Entrance and Kilkenny Castle Grounds – a very welcoming environment for any visiting tourists. 

Waterford Approach Road:  Grade A.  This was a remarkably clean and well presented route leading into Kilkenny.  The overall impression was a very fresh one.

High Street:  Grade A.  There was a complete absence of litter along this shopping street.  Many of the buildings were brightly / freshly painted and there were some nice ‘olde’ style shop fronts.  The paving was in very good order with attractive pattern on same and flower boxes added a splash of colour.

Rose Inn Street:  Grade A.  This smaller shopping street had a more independent feel to it with less of the high street names.  Well presented and maintained shop fronts and paving all created a very positive impression – it was spotless throughout.

Recycle Facility:  Grade B.  This ‘Bring Centre’ is located on the southern side of Kilkenny.  It is a small facility with a mix of bottle and clothing recycle bins. A few people have been careless with filled plastic bags which have been simply left beside the bins.

St. John of God School:  Grade A.  All appeared in good order at this school – despite some renovations taking place.

Vocational School:  Grade B.  This school just missed getting the top litter grade – with a little extra care and attention this could easily be achieved.

Kilkenny Castle – Front Entrance and Environs:  Grade A.  This was an excellent site.  The brick work / paving were spotless and very fresh in appearance.  The whole area is very welcoming for any visitors.

Kilkenny Castle – Grounds:  Grade A.  The extensive grounds of Kilkenny Castle were in very good order.  Not only was it spotless but it was also well sign-posted and the lawns / trees etc were very well kept.

Carlow Approach Road:  Grade B.  On leaving Kilkenny this route was clean but further out along this road there was a noticeable litter presence – not only was there food related litter but there was also some white plastic wrapping tangled in the trees / shrubbery.

Kilkenny – Clonmel Link Road:  Grade A.  The overall impression created along this route was a very positive one.  It passes through two local authorities and there was no noticeable difference between the two.

Autumn at Newpark Marsh Park

Attractive and informative signage for the Park. Copyright: Keep Kilkenny Beautiful

The Marsh comprises an area of extraordinary plant and wildlife, which is now a major resource for the local residents and for our   City. It  is a most important natural reserve with no less than 49 different specifies of birds identified to date and more than 70 species of plants, trees and shrubs.

Water fowl well camouflaged in the Marsh. Copyright: Keep Kilkenny Beautiful

The main objectives of the ongoing project  included: –
-Enhance and develop the amenity and conservation of the extensive flora and fauna.
-Provide a safe environment for the extensive wildlife in the area.
-Foster a caring nature and wildlife culture in the local community and increase pride in the locality
-Create educational opportunities, School tours being accessible to able bodied & disabled persons.
-KKB continues the maintenance of the Fen in conjunction  with Fas.

Seating area overlooking the vast Marsh area. Copyright: Keep Kilkenny Beautiful

The Marsh received the ESB/CVI Community Environmental awards 2001.  It was also the  national winner for wildlife in the Tidy Towns Competition 2002.
The Marsh is designated an area of scientific interest (ASI).

The KKB has undertaken in conjunction with Kilkenny County Council and FAS an ongoing phased development  at the Newpark Marsh, which is located just off the Castlecomer Road on Lovers Lane to the rear of the Newpark Hotel.


Water hen enjoys the sun in the Marsh. Copyright: Keep Kilkenny Beautiful

Tidy Towns judging of Kilkenny under way

The National tidy towns 2011 competition   is currently under way. Judging of Kilkenny City is likely to commence over the next few days!

Mr Sean Leahy KKB  Chairman  urge  all in the city to make an extra effort over the next 8 week to Keep Kilkenny Beautiful!

Castle Park Kilkenny May 2011. Copyright: Keep Kilkenny Beautiful


Litter Bug Competition 2011

The KKB Children’s 2011 art competition is called “Make a Litterbug” competition for primary (5th Class) and secondary schools (Transition Year). The competition required students to form teams of up to 3 students to build their concept of a litterbug using recycled material only. The “Bug” could be no wider than 750mm and 1500mm high. The winning entry was judged to be the “Litterbug” that best demonstrates the reduce, reuse, recycle principle. The entries were required to target their message to their own age group and consider the impact of waste on their school, community and Kilkenny.

Fifth Class St. Patrick's De la Salle Boys Primary school winning entry, May 2011. Copyright : St. Patrick's De la Salle Boys Primary school

Fifth Class St. Patrick's De la Salle Boys Primary school winning entry, May 2011. Copyright: St. Patrick's De la Salle Boys Primary school

Litterbug winners from Fifth Class St. Patrick's De la Salle Boys Primary school with their teacher Mrs Reade and KKB members following the award of prizes, May 2011. Copyright : Keep Kilkenny Beautiful.

Litter bug winner made by D Galster, O Nickelson, J Coogan of transition year CBS secondary school Kilkenny under direction of C Cahill Art teacher. Copyright: CBS secondary school

Each school was required to choose a winner from within the entries in the school. The  winning school entry will be put on public display in the city. The overall winners won  ipod nanos for each team member.