Bainisteoir Bruscair 2010

The winners have been announced in the KKB county wide Bainisteoir Bruscair 2010 children’s anti litter environmental awareness competition. During the competition the KKB visited all of Kilkenny city primary schools to enlist the new Bainisteoir Bruscair. Many hundreds of our children became  Bainisteoir Bruscair each selecting  their own anti litter team.  There was also a county wide anti litter slogan and name the Bainisteoir Cat competition in conjunction with the Kilkenny People newspaper.  This year Brian Cody our  Kilkenny Hurling Bainisteoir made a presentation of Bicycles to the proud overall winners. (picture under),  Sean Leahy, KKB Chairman thanked the  Kilkenny People newspaper  and McDonalds restaurants  for their generous sponsorship of the competition.

“If I have rubbish in my hand
Where do I think it should land?
On the ground or in the hedge?
Maybe I will leave it on a ledge?
But I support every Kilkenny team
So I want Kilkenny to stay clean”