Kilkenny railway station gets “A” grade in latest Ibal survey.

Congratulations to Irish Rail for the high standard of our City Railway Station. The assessors noted the following in their recent  report:

Kilkenny Train Station – Exterior:  Grade A.  This was an excellent site – not only was there a complete absence of litter but the overall presentation was very fresh e.g. railings, steps, entrance, signage and visitor information, and planter boxes.

Kilkenny Train Station – Interior:  Grade A.  The interior of the station had some interesting historical notices and photographs, almost museum / gallery like – a lovely feature.  Bins, seating, planting, signage and flooring were all in excellent condition – a real credit to the station staff.

Wembers of KKB celebrate with  Kilkenny railway station Staff.  Kilkenny is Ibal  No.1 in Ireland.

Members of KKB celebrate with Kilkenny railway station Staff. Kilkenny  Ibal No.1 in Ireland.

Kilkenny station looks its best for RPSI Steam Train visit !

Kilkenny welcomed the Rail Preservation Society of Ireland RPSI to McDonagh Station Kilkenny on a sunny Saturday 10th September 2011.  A large crowd welcomed the steam train. The train was drawn by  veteran steam engine No 186 class J15 built in 1879. It was   in service until 1964 and is  now  operated by the RPSI.   For  more information on the RPSI

Kilkenny welcomes the train. Copyright: Keep Kilkenny Beautiful.

Colourful flowers at Kilkenny station complement the steam engine colours. Copyright Keep Kilkenny Beautiful

Steam and smoke at the Kilkenny Footbridge. Copyright: Keep Kilkenny Beautiful.