River Nore rises to new levels

Over the last number of weeks we have seen the river Nore rise and rise. The Nore  still quite a wild river with many tree-lined natural banks. When the river rises the floodplains turn into lakes. Trees along the riverbank  where undermined and weakened are washed down the river. The City boardwalk was just above the flood level.

Not a time for swimming as the wild river Nore washes whole trees and their roots  down the river

With the water at such a high level the newly completed mural at Ossory bridge looks like it is swimming in the river.

The river boardwalk  between Ossory bridge and the City centre is just above the flood level

Murals in Kilkenny

Our city has had many creative and fantastic murals. These  are generally commissioned for specific  locations by Kilkenny Co Co, local businesses and voluntary groups  and also by Keep Kilkenny Beautiful. Repairs and cleaning of important murals is also undertake as required. This work in conjunction with a “spray it over” and “clean it off” policy has meant that Kilkenny has a very low level of graffitti through out our city.

Ossory bridge mural recently completed.

Repairs to Ossory Bridge Mural being undertaken Summer 2017

Closh Summer youth Group Project “one human family”

Fantastic mural on Ossory bridge newly completed this summer. The large scale the Mural  works well with the   well used pedestrian Bridge at this location.

Bahai Youth Group  with members from all over europe worked  to Keep Kilkenny Beautiful this summer. What a great way to work with the community!

Work under way at the Closh!

New mural at Peace Park facing the river Nore. The newly completed  mural complements the colourful Peace Park wild flower planting.

Newly repaired St Mary’s Lane Duck, thank you to  Paris Texas for comissioning  the work!


Offical opening of the Lady Desart Pedestrian and Cycle bridge

The official opening and first public  crossing of the new Lady Desart Pedestrian and Cycle bridge took place on the 30th January 2014. With the wonderful backdrop of Kilkenny Castle, Mayor Martin Brett and Alan Kelly TD  welcomed a large crowd to this unique event. The first new City Centre  river crossing in the Kilkenny  for many centuries.  This new link will further integrate the Johns Quay and Johns Green area to the centre of Kilkenny. It will  give a convenient short walking route from the Library car park  and will also be a new vantage point from which to see the river Nore, John’s Bridge  and Kilkenny Castle.  A number of our Primary schools were also  represented at the event,  to see history being made.Bridge 2 Bridge 3 Bridge 4 Bridge 5Bridge 1

Otter delight for visitors on Johns Bridge Kilkenny!

To see a mature otter enjoying the river Nore is a delight! A large crowd again were  given a diving and swimming display close to John’s Bridge.

Otter at John's Bridge Kilkenny 29th July 2011. Copyright: Keep Kilkenny Beautiful.Some of the crowd viewing the otter from John's bridge. Copyright: Keep Kilkenny Beautiful.

Some of the crowd viewing the otter from John’s bridge. Copyright: Keep Kilkenny Beautiful.


Otters in the city centre

A playful otter   welcomed citizens and tourists  to John’s bridge over the last number of days.  KKB Chairman Sean Leahy  and Secretary Elaine Bradshaw both joined the public along the river.  Elaine who  followed the movements of the otter spotted it catching  a fresh Nore fish.

View of river Nore accross to library. Kilkenny 400 apple tree in foreground. copyright: Keep Kilkenny Beautiful.

The Irish name for otter is madra uisce” river dog”.  The KKB welcomes the return of otters to the city centre area. There is  improved  natural cover along  the river Nore  banks over the last number of years.

John's Bridge and Kilkenny Castle. Copyright : Keep Kilkenny Beautiful.