Dukesmeadows wild flower meadow blooms

Dukesmeadows forms an extensive urban wild flower meadow close to the River Nore and within walking distance of  Kilkenny City Centre. It is a haven for wildlife, insects and plants. it forms an attractive amenity for the residents of the area.

Dukesmeadows 7 Copyright: Keep Kilkenny Beautiful

Can you identify the hawk which patrols the sky over Kilkenny!

The extensive habitat improvements and work on biodiversity in Kilkenny is giving results.

Hawks patrol the skies of Kilkenny.  Can you identify  the species of hawk photographed by one of our Junior KKB Members in early spring 2011.

We look forward to hearing from you. You can contact the KKB from this web site at our “Leave a reply section”   Good Luck!

Hawk at Dukesmeadow, early spring 2011. Copyright : Keep Kilkenny Beautiful


Earth Hour Kilkenny

"Earth Hour" Dukesmeadow Kilkenny. Copyright: Keep Kilkenny Beautiful

The WWF Earth Hour was celebrated  in the Kilkenny communities of Melville Heights and Dukesmeadows on Saturday  the 26th March at 8.30 p.m. A large crowd of residents and visitors turned out to launch sky lanterns  into the night sky. The evening was still and cloudless.  The neighbouring houses has their lights turned off. The launched lanterns formed a constellation of star like globes rising into the still evening. The event was organised by Kilkenny Local Authorities Environmental section  in conjunction with Keep Kilkenny Beautiful and promoting a sustainable future in harmony with nature  for all in our City.


Celebrating earth hour in Kilkenny! Copyright: Keep Kilkenny Beautiful

Lanterns are launched. Copyright: Keep Kilkenny Beautiful

Lanterns in the night sky. Copyright: Keep Kilkenny Beautiful


Kilkenny Castle quarter in snow!

Kilkenny has received a taste of a hard  continental winter with  freezing temperatures blue skies and crisp snow! What a pleasure it is to stroll through  the Kilkenny Castle and park quarter.


Kilkenny Castle park

The low winter sun shines through the trees in the Castle park

Autumn changes to winter in the Castle park

The main entrance to Kilkenny Castle gives a Christmas feeling!

The Castle yard

The Castle Yard

Kilkenny Castle in winter