Fruit blossoms in Kilkenny City

Throughout Kilkenny our   many pear and apple community orchards are flowering  in colourful whites and pinks.   The wild cherry has already flowered. We look forward to the fruit later in the year.  Additional orchard and fruit tree planting  continues each year at new locations and existing trees are pruned.  Attractive orchards can be seen  at various locations and estates through out our City.  Examples can be seen  at  Kilkenny castle Park, Waterford Rd. and  Bennettsbridge rd. Along the main ring road there is a variety of fruit trees planted interspersed  among the overall planting.

Kilkenny County Council think outside the box again………….with pretty results

roundaboutThe planting of the link road roundabout, connecting to the motorway, has been completed with over 4,000 herbaceous perennials and grasses. This is one of the largest sustainable roundabout planting schemes in the country. This pilot project is  being carried out  as a new approach to roundabout management. Once established it will be less maintenance intensive and will not require replanting year on year as is the current practice with bedding. It will take a couple of weeks to settle in and some hot weather to flower but hopefully will look well in time for Tidy Towns judging.