St. Mary’s Church Historic graveyard opens to the public

The Historic St Mary’s Church graveyard was officially opened to the public by our Mayor on the 1st June 2012.

A detailed conservation plan for the graveyard was completed in 2003.  The opening of the graveyard is a step in the overall conservation plan for the Church and Graveyard. The church was founded some time before 1205 within  the historic core of Kilkenny City.

There will be tours of the graveyard available through out the summer 2012.

Path through graveyard. Copyright : Keep Kilkenny Beautiful

One of the Historic graves within the churchyard. Copyright : Keep Kilkenny Beautiful

Newly opened gateway on to St Marys Lane. Copyright : Keep Kilkenny Beautiful

The Graveyard has a large variety of plant species which are to be protected. Copyright: Keep Kilkenny Beautiful.

Tour underway in Graveyard by Patrick Neary Archaeologist. Copyright : Keep Kilkenny Beautiful



Happy Christmas 2011 from Kilkenny

Entrance gate from the Parade into Kilkenny Castle at Christmas 2011

View of St Marys Cathedral from the Parade. Copyright: Keep Kilkenny Beautiful

Kilkenny Castle from the Parade. Copyright: Keep Kilkenny Beautiful

Kilkenny Design centre: Copyright: Keep Kilkenny Beautiful

Kilkenny Castle christmas tree. Copyright: Keep Kilkenny Beautiful

Kilkenny city wins major Tidy Towns award 2011

Kilkenny wins “Ireland’s Tidiest Large Urban Centre Award” 2011. The presentation took place at the Helix on the 5th September. Kkb chairman Sean Leahy accepted the award on behalf of Kilkenny City. He thanked all in our City who helped in making it possible to achieve such a prestigious
Award. Kilkenny received 308 points, an increase of two points over the 2011 results and just two points short of Killarney, the overall winner 2011.

Kilkenny wins large urban centre award 2010

There was great excitement as Sean Leahy chairman of the Keep Kilkenny Beautiful collected the national award.
” I am excited and delighted for Kilkenny” said Sean Leahy as he proudly displayed the winning trophy. Sean Leahy thanked all  in the City who gave  great support and  assistance to the KKB in 201o  in achieving this wonderful result. 

Minister Gormley with some of the Kilkenny Delegation following the presentation. Copyright: Keep Kilkenny Beautiful

Minister Gormley with Sean Leahy Chairman and Nora Darcy, KKB Member following awards presentation, Copyright: Keep Kilkenny Beautiful

City “ goal posts” become a thing of the past.

Consultations between the KKB and the City authorities  have successfully concluded with the removal during the last week  of the city’s unsightly High street traffic restriction barriers.  KKB secretary   Elaine Bradshaw complemented the City authorities on the major improvement this has already made at the main High street portals and the enhancement of the city centre core for its citizens.